• Editorial
    • Genes & Diseases,Volume 4, Issue 1,2014, Pages 28-36
    • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique in tumor metabolism
    Cancer is one of the most serious diseases that cause an enormous number of deaths all over the world. Tumor metabolism has great discrimination from that of normal tissues. Exploring the tumor metabolism may be one of the best ways to find biomarkers for cancer detection, diagnosis and to provide novel insights into internal physiological state where subtle changes may happen in metabolite concentrations. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technique nowadays is a popular tool to analyze cell extracts, tissues and biological fluids, etc, since it is a relatively fast and an accurate technique to supply abundant biochemical information at molecular levels for tumor research. In this review, approaches in tumor metabolism are discussed, including sample collection, data profiling and multivariate data analysis methods etc. Some typical applications of NMR are also summarized in tumor metabolism.
    High resolution Magic Angle Spinning; Metabolomics; Multivariate data analysis; NMR technique; Tumor metabolism
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