• The Second International Genes & Diseases Symposium

    ■ Time:   October 4, 2016

    ■ Venue:  International Academic Conference Hall, Chongqing Medical University



    Invited speakers


    Session 1

    Opening Ceremony

    8:30 am-8:40 am

    Han Lei, President

    Ailong Huang , Vice President

    T.-C. He, MD, PhD

    Opening speech

    Session 2



    8:40 am-12:00 am

    Le Min, MD, PhD

    Harvard Medical School,USA

    Characterizing the pituitary and thyroid dysfunctions related to the novel anti-cancer  immunotherapy by blockade of PD1 and CTLA4

    Dennis WeiXi Zhu, MD, PhD

    University of Minnesota Medical School, USA

    From cell to bedside----epidemiology and genetics of sudden cardiac death

    Jim Hu, PhD

    University of Toronto, Canada

    Targeting airway stem cells for correcting genetic lung diseases

    Yun Liu, PhD

    Fudan University, China

    DNA methylation
    in human disease

    Xi Li, PhD

    Chongqing Medical University, China

    Down-regulation of β1, 4-galactosyltransferase 5 activates BMP signaling pathway and promotes adipocyte commitment through BMPRIA


    Session 3

    Questions and Comments

    12:00 am-12:30 am

    Host: Fei Li, MD,PhD